Twitter’s Working on Big Brother API err Geo API

August 21, 2009 · Posted in Uncategorized 

Twitter is leveling up. Biz Stone ( @biz ) recently announced in a blog posting that they are working on a Geo API. Ryan Saver ( @rsaver ) is lead on this project and has been involved with WhereCamp and is enthusiastic about other location tracking services. Biz states that the API will allow tweeters to add the latitude and longitude to their tweets. This feature will be turned off by default so tweeter will have to enable the Geo API to make use of its Big Brother like features.

Twitter’s Working on Big Brother API err Geo API

Biz follows up however by stating:

However, if people do opt-in to sharing location on a tweet-by-tweet basis, compelling context will be added to each burst of information.

When I first read that line, I giggled. Sounds like this is what all us marketing types have been waiting for, the ability to target tweeters by location… Duh, thats what the whole new API is for right. So if I take a local dentist on as client whom wants to reach out to his local market, Twitter has just provided the means to make it happen. Sure there has been a few other online tools like NearByTweets and Twellohood, but as Biz blogged, the location field currently can be filled with anything, I could put that I am from the Vatican if I really wanted.

So I see this as a new method of spam for this shady marketers whom will bog down twitter with their short url filled messages that no on really reads. And for us not-so-shaddy marketers an awesome tool to bring local market bases together for a directed reason. Personally I already have a few ideas for this Geo API.

How is it going to change you Twitter marketing?

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