Google Products results showing in right hand Sponsored Listings.

December 14, 2009 · Posted in Uncategorized 

While doing a bit of searching today, I stumbled across some obvious testing.

A search for “cell phone batteries” brings up a page of results with what appears to be Google products in the right hand column listed under “Sponsored Listings”.

So a few questions immediately came to mind:
Is this actually Google products results?
How much will this affect PPC?

Is this actually Google Products results?

It seems like it is, The first result for the Nokia battery being sold at shows up in a “Shopping” results page, however the rest do not appear on first page. So how is google making the descision as to what is being displayed?

How much will this affect PPC?

We already know that any image or movie shown in SERPs is given more attention and therefore more clicks. That being said I can see PPC campaigns taking a major hit due to this change. Users as it is try to ignore our PPC campigns whenever possible. They now have the ability to just glance at a image vs. reading a couple lines of text before dismissing our ads.

I am on the fence about this one. Google Products is great, its free, and its pretty easy to maintain and acheive results. PPC is of course most sites bread and butter, its a simple process thats been around for ever, spend some money to make some money. That being said seems like a poor business descison on behalf of Google. If this takes hold they will efffectivly be reducing the ammount of PPC overall.

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